Cognitive Conspiracy

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Bonjour, konichiwa, Buon giorno, Bună Ziua, Привет, Hello. I'm Nicholas! Nice to meet you!
Most the time I am spending my days with my wondrous girlfriend, Silver Rose.
I enjoy sitting in a dark room, listening to music and drinking a nice cup of tea. I love (and I mean LOVE) tea!
I am a musician, I play drums, I sing and I play banjo!
I am not a fan of the idea of religion, though I do follow select religious philosophies, mostly those including love.
I am kinda a hippie/gypsy, 95% of the time you will find me barefoot. I love the world I live in, just not the people running the world.
Tattoos are an addiction of mine.

Get yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy this mess I call a blog(:



I feel like this moment is often overlooked due to the rest of the really emotional moments in this finale (which I absolutely loved).

I thought it was a very powerful scene, and you could truly see the pain on Tonraq’s face when he thought his daughter was dying in his arms… He wasn’t…


Okay, so everyone’s got their theory about Korra’s emotional state during the ceremony for Jinora, and each are so awesome and tearbending material, that I can’t get my own feels to stop killing me. I wanted to add a little bit of mine.


At this point, Tenzin tells everyone what she has…